To the official website for the Epsilon Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at Stephen F. Austin State University! We are so excited that you are possibly interested in attending SFA and going Greek! Click around to find all of the information you may need!

a letter from our president…


Welcome to the Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon Eta chapter website! I can’t wait for your next four years here at SFA. I’m so excited to share what all Alpha Chi has to offer. As I look back on my recruitment experience almost three years ago, I remember looking around the room and thinking to myself “I want to be a part of this.” Going through recruitment I wanted to find a place that would push me to reach my fullest potential. The day I pledged Alpha Chi was the day my life was forever changed.I have no idea who or where I would be without this chapter. I was immediately surrounded by Real Strong women and constantly encouraged. I never knew joining a sorority would be so much more than just an amazing sisterhood. Mentorship is something I value and looking back on my journey here at Alpha Chi I can confidently say no matter the high or low in life I had a sister to turn to. Something that was very important to me through recruitment was acceptance. I didn’t want to be judged or to feel like an outcast but welcomed. No matter where you come from or what your interests are, the women in Alpha Chi are women who are ready to share those experiences and to make the most out of your four years here at SFA. We are so proud of what Alpha Chi stands for and as a rising senior I can tell you the memories you make only get sweeter! As I write this letter I think about all the faces and names in my chapter and can only imagine what all they will accomplish in not only this sisterhood but in life after college together! Here at SFA, us Alpha Chi’s pride ourselves on our sisterhood and the strength it contains. I know going through recruitment you hear this a lot but the best way I can describe Alpha Chi’s sisterhood is to think about a time you were filled with so much joy you cried and that exact emotion is what I feel when I think about our sisterhood. My biggest piece of advice for anyone going through this crazy process we call recruitment is to truly know yourself. Ask yourself what do I really want out of this? What is most important to me? If you know your core and who you are or who you want to be, when you go through the process it’ll make the decisions more clear. I hope you all have a safe summer and can change your perspective from the past to this new exciting future!  I hope this little letter inspired you and I can’t wait to show you all why Alpha Chi Omega means so much to my sisters and I in the Fall!


Peighton Irwin

Alpha Chi Omega President

Epsilon Eta